Garden Ideas – Grow Your Own Salad Colander

how to make a colorful salad colander so  a stenciled pattern of seeds in a  vintage colander for a stunning effect  inspired by patchwork and because the  lettuce is a cut and come again variety  you can look forward to several harvests  from one planting for the salad colander  you will need one to two packets of  batavia leaf lettuce seed one to two  packets of red leaf lettuce seed a  colander with feet some cardstock or oak  tag a pencil a pair of scissors a  hanging basket liner some all-purpose  potting mix a large scoop or trowel a  watering can a bottle of liquid plant  food

step 1

first make the stencil place  your colander upside down on some  cardstock or oak tag and draw around the  rim then draw another circle inside the  outline between three quarters and one  and a half inches or two to four  centimeters smaller step two within the  smaller circle draw a stencil design .


keep it simple we divided the circle  into four quadrants cut out your stencil  and keep all the shapes.

step 3

place a  hanging basket liner inside the colander  this will help keep soil and moisture  inside the container trim the top of the  liner to just below the rim if necessary .

step 4 fill the colander with  all-purpose potting mix to just under  the level of the liner then tap the  colander down on a hard surface to get  rid of any air pockets and to level the  surface.

step 5

water the soil surface  well.

step 6

cover alternate sections of  the planting surface with stencils and  plant lettuce seeds of one color then  cover the planted seeds with the  stencils and plant the remaining areas  with the other lettuce seeds.

step 7

remove the stencils and lightly cover  the seeds with the layer of soil mix  then place in a warm bright place or  outside in summer note that red lettuce  seedlings will be green at first and  then change to red as the plants mature  you won’t need to water the seeds for a  few days to start with since you watered  the soil mix before planting wait until  at least a three before watering by  spraying the seeds with a mr. to stop  them from dispersing before they have  germinated.

step 8

1 seeds have  germinated water using a watering can  with a fine nozzle do not water too much  step 9 you can thin up the crop after  germination by lightly pulling seedlings  from the soil mix this increases air  circulation and helps keep the plants  less congested and the design more  structured enjoy your first harvest of  cut and come again lettuce in just four  to five weeks remember to use liquid  plant food between harvests to encourage  more leaves to grow back for cutting why  not try growing lettuce and other  containers wicker baskets are great  because like the colander they allow  drainage sink containers add a vintage  look while for something quirky cut the  base off plastic milk containers plant  and hang on a wall  you.

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