How to Deter Ants from the Garden

We all have problems, in every home and garden there can be problems found, the biggest has to be because of pets and other things but soon it will carry on from there and then that is when the bigger problems starts to form.

Ants, that is the most annoying thing that you can find in your garden, they can be small problems one minute and then soon it becomes a massive problem. If they are in your garden then you really will need to do something to get these out of your garden; you could poison them with thousands of chemicals because that is the best way to get released of the ants but sometimes going for the chemical option will not be what everyone wants to do so then they have to look for something else.

The first thing that you should know about ants is that they hate herbs, which is the number one thing that ants will immediately see and turn away from. This can be the most natural way of getting rid of ants, with herbs there can be thousands of different herbs to choose from, they can be planted in your garden or even buying from the shops. They can be done in the kitchen or in the garden door where the ants are getting in from; herbssuch as peppermint, sage and even basil really will be a massive help to deter the ants. If you have tansy growing in your garden then that will be a massive help, this is going to work really just like mint but it can grow some yellow flowers which are very nice and can compliment any garden. Using mint is also very good, having Pennyroyal is really great to repel the ants but you will have to try your helpful to keep this from getting out of hand because it can become too much to handle in some cases.

You could also try Marigolds, this is a beautiful flower to have in your garden and it will help to get rid of the ants also. The garden can be protected fully from ants but then again it has the same effect as coffee grounds, yes it does sound very odd but yes ants don’t like coffee grounds, it has nutrients in it which the ants don’t like. From these coffee grounds, the ants will not be able to survive with these however.You could also try things such as citrus peels and spread them around the plant area; you could grind these and then spread them around or even take the oils from them and spread it over your garden. Or even getting cornmeal, now for this, it will be something the ants like but they can’t actually digest it; they will eat it and die because they can’t digest it.

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